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Dennis Goodner

We Specialize in

Custom Aircraft Painting!
Quality Aircraft Paint Jobs for the following aircraft and more!

Kit Planes
Antique Aircraft
Vann's RV's

At our Aircraft Paint Shop,

"I like to do it all"

Aircraft painting by A.O.G. Aircraft Paint Services in Mena, Arkansas.   Dennis Goodner. "Aircraft painting at the very finest". Superb aircraft painting for smaller, personal aircraft, (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft ) Painting custom designs and standard factory schemes. One of the oldest, and best aircraft painting shops in Mena, Arkansas. A smaller crew, with a more personal experience, higher standard of quality, touch of excellence to the prep and painting of your aircraft assuring that your aircraft paint job will meet your expectations. Located at the North end of Intermountain Municipal Airport in Mena, Arkansas.

  • A.O.G. Paint Services
    A personal business with integrity.
  • Dennis Goodner
    A 2nd generation plane painter with a 20+ years of personal aircraft painting experience.
  • Location
    At the Geographical Center
    of the United States in Mena, Arkansas.

Aircraft Painting Services at A.O.G. Paint.

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